December Newsletter

HAPPY December EVERYONE!!!....I hope you are all feeling great as we head into the festive season... Please check out all the great things happening this month... Whats on this month: Monday's - Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church - 7.30pm-8.30pm - £5 - No Class 28th Dec, Classes start back Monday 4th Jan 2016 Wednesday's - KS Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church 6.15-7pm - £5 - No Class Wed 23rd and 30th Dec, Classes start back Wed 6th Jan 2016

Thursday's - Fitness Pilates at Dolphinholme Village Hall - 7.30-8.30pm - £5 - No Class Thurs 24th and 31st Dec, Classes start back Thurs 7th Jan 2016 Saturday 5th December- Christmas Pilates and Confidence Boosting Practical Workshop - 10-11.30am - at Lancaster Methodist Church
A 45 minute class followed by a 45 minute workshop looking at Pilates technique, come along to improve your Pilates practice - £14
Relaxation CD with Laura Daglish I am so excited to bring you my first relaxation CD, with 8 different tracks, leaving you feeling amazing and chilled, just like at the end of a class but in your own home - £10 *NEW PILATES 2 DVD and online DVD Facebook Group Pilates with Laura Daglish DVD and online DVD Facebook Group KS Fitness Pilates and online DVD Facebook Group - ALL OUT NOW - Please visit my website shop also to buy your copy in either format - £10.!shop/cts6

Christmas Advent Calendar - 24 days of exercise for you to burn off your Christmas treats
  1. Swim for 30 minutes to burn off a mince pie 250 kcals

  2. Run for 20 minutes to burn off 5 Cadbury’s Roses or Hero’s 220 kcals

  3. Take a lunch time 45 minute aerobics class to burn off a 4oz Christmas pudding 300 kcals

  4. Take a lunch time stroll around and burn off a 90g serving of roast turkey 140 kcals

  5. Row for 30 minutes to burn off a 70g slice of iced rich Christmas cake 245 kcals

  6. A ten minute power walk will burn off Two breadsticks with cream cheese dip equals 85 kcals

  7. Jog for 15 minutes to burn off 2 mini sausage rolls 108 kcals

  8. Go to a 45 minute lunchtime zumba to burn off A slice of cheesecake 320kcals

  9. Cross train for 20-25 minutes to burn off a portion of stuffing 260 kcals

  10. Play squash in your 40 minute and burn off a 6 Terry’s chocolate orange segments 300kcals

  11. Just a 10 minute brisk walk will burn off a handful of olives 60kcals

  12. Decorating your house for Christmas to burn around 350 kcals an hour and a mince pie with cream.

  13. Pushing a shopping trolley up the aisles for around half an hour will burn over 100 kcals so even more reason to be generous this year and buy more gifts

  14. Swim for 22 minutes to burn off a handful of roasted peanuts 155 kcals

  15. Come to a Pilates class and burn off 2 glasses of Christmas fizz 270kcals

  16. Cycle for 30 minutes to burn of a slice of Christmas cake 250 kcals

  17. Cross train for 45 minutes to burn off the mash and gravy 400 kcals

  18. One hour brisk walk can burn off that 100g camembert anything from 260-360 kcals

  19. 6500 kcals is in the average Christmas day food intake. Over the next few days leading up to Christmas aim to up your kcal burn with extra active daily activities and a little longer on your activity in the sports centre

  20. Ice skating whether inside or outside, will burn around 165 kcals for every half hour you’re on the rink. That’s approximately four roast potatoes.

  21. Burn around 195 kcals dancing for half an hour on the dance floor at your Christmas party

  22. Half an hour on your feet preparing Christmas food will burn approximately 70 kcals

  23. Wrapping presents for one hour can burn 120 calories. That’s a glass of champagne to celebrate!

  24. After all the Christmas preparation, get a good night’s sleep whilst you wait for Santa as the average night’s sleep burns 400kcal. That’s more than enough reason to help you get to sleep before Santa arrives! Ho, ho, ho....

Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and my blog on my website as I start to post more tips and ideas for you all to use.
If you have any questions, please contact me and I look forward to seeing you soon!!
Healthy wishes
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