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As the we start the New Year with a bang, I cant wait to see you all back in the classes with your New Year Goals, Read on so you can find out about the fantastic Classes, Personal Training, Pilates Practical Workshop and my DVDs coming up this month to keep you motivated this New Year!

Exciting Classes and Workshop this month

Monday's -

KS Fitness Pilates - 6.00-6.45pm @ Victoria Institute(on the mini roundabout at Caton, next to the Garage)Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancaster, LA2 9QT - (REMINDER - NO CLASS MONDAY 24th & 31st DEC - Christmas Holidays - Classes return on Monday 7th Jan)

Fitness Pilates - 7.30-8.30pm @ Lancaster Methodist Church Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LA1 4TE - (REMINDER - NO CLASS MONDAY 24th & 31st DEC - Christmas Holidays - Classes return on Monday 7th Jan)

Wednesday's - *NEW VENUE* Yoga/Fitness Pilates - 6.15-7.00pm @ Lancaster Methodist Church,Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LA1 4TE (REMINDER - NO CLASS WEDNESDAY 26th DEC - Christmas Holidays - Class returns on Wed 2nd Jan)

Saturday 12th January 2019 -

Pilates Confidence Boosting Practical Focus Workshop - 10-11.30am @ Lancaster Methodist Church Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LA1 4TE A great start to your New Year goals!

*NEW DVD ALERT* KS FITNESS PILATES LOOPED RESISTANCE BAND AND MOBILITY DVD - On sale NOW - Pick up your copy of this highly anticipated new DVD release, in either hard copy or online version, from a class or head to my shop page now. DVD's and Relaxation CD's with Laura Daglish

I now have 5 Amazing Fitness Pilates and Yoga DVD's with me, which are all for sale in either Online or Hard Copies! A great at home workout boost

Personal Training with Laura

Personal training programmes, including exercise, mind and body coaching, nutrition and confidence building, individually designed for you to help you achieve your goals. Personal training is available at your home or outdoors. £36 per first hour consultation, £33.00 per hour training session. A perfect mind and body boost!

ONLINE VITALITY WEEK with Laura Daglish - *Mon 21st - Sun 27th Jan 2019*

Once every season I will be launching an online, week long Vitality week. The Vitality weeks include a 7 day online Pilates and Vitality boosting programme, including Pilates workouts, relaxation scripts, and a healthy eating, energising and vitality plan, gearing you towards making healthier choices. Every week has a new seasonal theme along with new routines and relaxation scripts to develop your Pilates, mind and body even further.

The new and improved "Re-Vamped Vitality Week" comes with a new and much more flexible eating plan, that allows you to eat from two lists of food, any combinations that you want throughout the whole week!!! The exercise plan focuses on moving your body and clearing your mind, which combined with the eating plan will leave you feeling re-vitalised! I am soooooo excited about this new and improved week and cannot wait for you all to be part of the group!

This year, why don't you try the week as with a vegetarian vibe and add more plant based meals to your New Year health kick?

The week aims to:

  • Get you to enjoy cooking and making simple meals with REAL food to balance your blood sugar.

  • Get you into good habits with your eating and exercise that make you feel revitalised and energised.

  • Be kinder to yourself and be in an online group environment that will inspire you along the way.

  • Lose body fat and inches and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Give your mind and body more energy from eating REAL foods, exercise and a better sleeping pattern.

  • Use the Pilates workouts and Relaxation scripts to help you revitalise your body and boost immunity.

  • Balance your blood sugar rollercoaster and addictions to processed foods, caffeine and alcohol.

This is your chance to get nearer to your goals with this fantastic online experience this Spring!

£31 for 7 day online Vitality Week


I really do hope you have a very happy and healthy 2019.

Let me know if you have any questions. Click on the icons on my website home page to follow me on Facebook, view my YouTube channel, check out my Website and follow me on Instagram!

Laura x

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