August Newsletter 2018


As the school and summer holidays kick in and we all enjoy some much loved sunshine, I cant wait to let you all know about the fantastic Classes, Personal Training and Pilates Practical Workshop coming up this month to keep you motivated over the summer on to find out more!

Exciting Classes and Workshop this month

Monday's - KS Fitness Pilates - 6.00-6.45pm @ Victoria Institute (on the mini roundabout at Caton, next to the Garage) Brookhouse Road, Caton, Lancaster, LA2 9QT - (NO CLASS MONDAY 27th AUGUST ONLY - Bank holiday) Fitness Pilates - 7.30-8.30pm @ Lancaster Methodist Church Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LA1 4TE - (NO CLASS MONDAY 27th AUGUST ONLY - Bank holiday) Wednesday's - Yoga/Fitness Pilates - 6.15-7.00pm @ The Well-being Hub, First Floor, Unit 8-4-3, Harper's Mill (Behind the Adult College), White Cross, Lancaster, LA1 4XF (NO CLASS WEDNESDAY 29th AUGUST ONLY - I'm on holiday) Saturday 4th AUGUST - Pilates Confidence Boosting Practical Focus Workshop - 10-11.30am @ Lancaster Methodist Church Scotforth Road, Lancaster, LA1 4TE

DVD's and Relaxation CD's with Laura Daglish

4 Amazing Fitness Pilates and Yoga DVD's with me! Online or Hard Copies available! A great Summer boost!

Personal Training with Laura

Personal training programmes, including exercise, mind and body coaching, nutrition and confidence building, individually designed for you to help you achieve your goals. Personal training is available at your home or outdoors. £35 per first hour consultation, £32.50 per hour training session. A perfect Summer boost!


I really do hope you have a very happy and healthy Summer.

Let me know if you have any questions. Click on the link below to my website to follow me on Facebook, view my YouTube channel, check out my Website and follow me on Instagram!

Laura x

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