HAPPY MAY EVERYONE!!!....I hope you are all feeling great as we hit this month and the days and nights are much lighter, getting to the classes and leaving them in the light is lovley... Please check out all the great things happening this month and please note the CHANGE IN CLASS TIME AT DOLPHINHOLME and THE BANK HOLIDAYS AND HALF TERM NO CLASSES... Whats on this month: Monday's - Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church - 7.30pm-8.30pm - £5 - NO CLASS BANK HOLIDAY - MON 4th MAY and MON 25th MAY Wednesday's - KS Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church 6.15-7pm - £5 - NO CLASS MAY HALF TERM WEEK - WED 27th MAY

Thursday's - Fitness Pilates at Dolphinholme Village Hall - *NEW CLASS TIME* 6.15-7.15pm - £5 - NO CLASS MAY HALF TERM WEEK - THURS 28th Saturday 9th May - Pilates and Confidence Boosting Practical Workshop - 10-11.30am - £12 - at Lancaster Methodist Church A 45 minute class followed by a 45 minute workshop looking at Pilates technique, come along to improve your Pilates practice Relaxation CD with Laura Daglish I am so excited to bring you my first relaxation CD, with 8 different tracks, leaving you feeling amazing and chilled, just like at the end of a class but in your own home - £10 Pilates with Laura Daglish DVD and online DVD Facebook Group AND *NEW KS FITNESS PILATES DVD WITH LAURA DAGLISH AND ONLINE DVD FACEBOOK GROUP* - OUT NOW - Please visit my website shop also to buy your copy in either format - £10.!shop/cts6

Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and my blog on my website as I start to post more tips and ideas for you all to use.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Healthy wishes

Laura x

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