January Newsletter


HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!....I hope you are all really well! Cant wait to see you all back at the classes...check out all the great things happening this new year... Whats on this month: Monday's - Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church - 7.30m-8.30pm - £5 - Classes restart Monday 5th January 2015 Wednesday's - KS Fitness Pilates at Lancaster Methodist Church 6.15-7pm - *NEW CLASS TIME!!!!!!*- Kick Start Fitness Pilates in an exhilarating High Intensity Interval Training 45 minute class. Working through a Fitness Pilates flow sequence of 24 exercises, m ixing classical, functional and standing Fitness Pilates key moves and principles in a class that is bang on trend. Each move is performed for 1 minute then 30 seconds recovery/stretch is taken before the next move begins - £5 - Classes restart Wednesday 7th January 2015

Thursday's - Fitness Pilates at Dolphinholme Village Hall - 7.30-8.30pm - £5 - Classes restart Thursday 8th January 2015 Saturday 10th January- Pilates Workshop - Theme - Pilates and Confidence Boosting Practical Pilates New Year Workshop. 10-11.30am at *NEW VENUE* Lancaster Methodist Church - Come along and take part in a 45 minute Pilates class followed by a 45 minute workshop on Pilates Christmas Style and improve your Techniques - £12 Monday 12th January- Sunday 18th January 2015- Re-Vamped Vitality Week - The new and improved "Re-Vamped Vitality Week" comes with a new and much more flexible eating plan, that allows you to eat from two lists of food, any combinations that you want throughout the whole week!!! The exercise plan focuses on moving your body and clearing your mind, which combined with the eating plan will leave you feeling re-vitalised! I am soooooo excited about this 3rd new and improved week (the first Septemeber group had AMAZING RESULTS) and cannot wait for you all to be part of the group! The group opens on Friday 9th January for you to get all the information about your food and all the exercise plans for the week ahead. Please visit the shop now to book your place!!! - £29 NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!! Relaxation CD with Laura Daglish I am so excited to bring you my first relaxation CD, with 8 different tracks, leaving you feeling amazing and chilled, just like at the end of a class but in your own home - £10 Pilates with Laura Daglish DVD and online DVD Facebook Group AND *NEW KS FITNESS PILATES DVD WITH LAURA DAGLISH AND ONLINE DVD FACEBOOK GROUP* - OUT NOW - Please visit my website shop also to buy your copy in either format - £10.


New Year Resolution Mood Board

This is a great idea to do especially at New Year. Take a cork board or a white board or a large sheet of paper and cut out images, write on post-its all the things you want to achieve in 2015. Then place it up somewhere you can see it. It is so motivational...I hope you enjoy your Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and my blog on my website as I start to post more tips and ideas for you all to use.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I look forward to seeing you soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!

Healthy wishes

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